7 Ways to Stay Grounded During Quarantine

1. Be present
Do you find yourself bumping into walls, living your life on auto-pilot? Are you aware, or are you just another ant? WAKE UP, SIS. Be present. Right here. Right now. Take a few deep breaths, and tap into your senses, feel yourself in the moment. Notice the difference?

2. Learn to say NO
When you're burned out and too busy to catch your breath, remind yourself that the best way to stay grounded is to learn to say no. Remember, when you say no to something unimportant you are saying yes . . .

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Covens, Rituals, and Degrees

Throughout history, there have been individual, or “Solitary” Witches Witches who worked (and frequently lived) alone. There are still many today who feel more comfortable that way. But the majority of Witches work in groups, known as covens. The origin of the word is in doubt. Margaret Murray - The Witch Cult in Western Europe - suggests it “is a derivative of convene.

The coven is a small group; usually no more than a dozen. The” traditional “size is thirteen, though there is absolutely no reason why that particular number should be adhered to.

One of the . . .

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How to Cast a Circle for Witchcraft

Spells and Charms Spells and charms are the part of Witchcraft most commonly used by the Solitary Witch. Spells are done by full covens, certainly, but there are very effective ones that can be done by the individual. The most important ingredient in a spell is emotion. You must want something to happen. You must want it with all your being, and through that desire, you willbdrive all your power into the magick. This is the response that it is far better to do magick for yourself than to ask someone else to do it for you. If you are . . .

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Saying NO to the Universe is okay.

modern witches coven candles witchcraft

Does it feel energetically GOOD? Aligned with your self-worth? Is it a HECK YES?!

If not, then baby girl, it’s a NOOOOO!

You are a Manifesting Maven, Divine Goddess, and Powerful Creator of your own reality!

When something you are trying to manifest ‘partially’ shows up in your life, and doesn’t tick all of your boxes, the Universe is testing you. Whether that be a new job, partner, house…

Your worth is being tested.

So, will you settle?

Do you trust that the Universe . . .

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The Quarantined Witch

These are some difficult and uncertain times for everyone. It’s easy to get sucked up into the anxiety and madness that is happening currently. I don't know about you witches, but for me personally I’ll admit I’ve been feeling a little disconnected with the witchy side of myself. It’s hard to do something that I love, when all I can do is focus on what is happening. It feels almost wrong to do anything else besides talking about Covid-19. I mean I know I’ve been calling friends and family making sure they're . . .

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Are you a Witch?

In general, witches today can be defined in three ways: someone who actively practices magical rituals or spells, someone who has a spiritual connection such as a psychic medium or a tarot reader, or someone who worships the Pagan gods.

The reality of what it means to be a witch today carries many traditions of the Pagan religion; something which was previously thought to be tied to the devil or satanic rituals. Modern day witchcraft often includes the lighting of candles, meditation, yoga, incense, the smudging of sage, crystals, dream analysis, and other rituals connected to Pagan roots.

However, witchcraft . . .

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