To show respect and keep this space sacred and safe for all of our sisters, there are a few guidelines that every Witch must abide by:

  1. Thou Shalt respect and honour every Sister as an equal; we do not discriminate against anyone and we welcome Sisters from all paths and walks of life. Every one is on their own spiritual path, each is unique and no room for comparison; save your energy for your magick.

  2. An ye harm none, do as ye will; only use and practice witchcraft with only good, pure intentions. Anyone using their powers for negative practice or harm against others and yourself will be banished from the coven immediately.

  3. Thou shalt abide by thy witchcraft guidelines and only practice safely via take care of my body/temple to keep my vibrating on a high frequency to tune into the vibrations of our goddess Isis/align with the vibration

We trust that each of you are here for the same reason – to connect with fellow witches to learn, develop, and harness our unique powers to heal each of us and the world – therefore, if anyone dishonours any of the above guidelines of the coven, they shall be removed.

As a coven member, it is your dedication to your practice and to enter the sisterhood with your purest intention and your WHY – why you chose to join our sisterhood – to always come back to this in any times of uncertainty or misalignment with oneself.

In a safe place – such as your journal or book of shadows – please write down why you decided to join the Modern Witches Coven, what you expect to gain from our sisterhood, and 3 intentions and promises you commit to yourself and the coven as a sister of the Modern Witches Coven.

Your power is your responsibility, please use it wisely.

Blessed Be xx

 – Marah; High Priestess at Modern Witches Coven


For any questions or concerns, please contact us at:

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